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Mindfulness Education School Curriculum

student testimonials:

(please click the photos for a larger view of students' responses)
"Mindfulness makes me feel peaceful, happier, and calmer. The breathing makes me feel alot more peaceful and calmer. Mindfulness is a great thing that's my favorite. When I use mindfulness it helps me and calms me." - elementary school Mindfulnice student 

"Mindfulness is useful for when you are really energetic and you need to calm down or because you are distracted. Mindfulness is helpful for when you need peace, quiet, no distractions, focus, and the ability to stay on track." - elementary school Mindfulnice student

"I like mindfulness first because it's fun. Second because it is relaxing. Third because I am always happier after we do it. Forth I can focus better. Fifth I feel better and more creative." - elementary school Mindfulnice student
"Students in my class feel more relaxed during tests and assessments because they have learned new ways to cope with stress. Many of my 3rd grade students use the breathing exercises to relax themselves in very uncomfortable situations." - 3rd grade teacher
"The students wanted to participate & learn new ways to be present in what they are doing. It has really changed the way my students cope during stressful situations."
- 3rd grade teacher
"I noticed that the mindfulness lessons definitely sparked more self-awareness in many of my students. When I had to redirect students or help them calm down, it was useful to have the lessons to refer to in order to communicate my expectations."
- 3rd grade teacher
teacher testimonials:
"Learning how to be mindful helped my students relax, which is something we rarely ask them to do at school!"
- 3rd grade teacher
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