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Mindful Products,
for mindful living

I am constantly inspired by mindful living to create new & exciting products for you. Listed on this page are descriptions 

of a small sampling of what I do, but you will always see my most recent work on Instagram and in my shop. As always, you're welcome to contact me with questions or wholesale inquiries. Feel free to shop directly from the etsy tab on my website or send me an email and I'll be happy to help you.


Mindful Minute Activity Cards

Mindful Minute Activity cards by Mindfulnice are a definite best seller!

These cards were created by me based on mindfulness lessons that I practice with my students. They can be used at anytime, anywhere, by anyone - children & adults, alike! This collection of cards includes mindful activities for breathing, practicing gratitude, becoming more presently aware, and expressing loving kindness to yourself & others.

A new companion pack of Mindful Minute Activity cards is now available! This deck is half the size of the original deck and includes 2 new categories:

Mindful Movement and Making Mindful Connnections. 

Each unique deck offers something positive and uplifting to share with others, or to be used for yourself. Being kind to yourself &

to others will help you live a more mindfully nice life.

Please click the link for a more detailed description & to purchase.


Be Present...because You are a gift.

Be Present. Because YOU are a gift... This gift box is filled with Mindfulnice products intended to help you live a mindfully nice life filled with awareness, presence, & peace. Develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself & discover all the ways that you are a gift & what it truly means to

'be present'.

This gift box was a limited edition product & sold out within a week. 

I intend to create a new Be Present each year,

allowing my email newsletter subscribers to shop first. 


Mindful Stitching Kits

Needlepoint & stitching crafts have always been one of my very favorite things. I learned how to embroider & cross-stitch at a very young age and I haven't stopped stitching since. I have now created a variety of mindful stitching embroidery, cross-stitch, & bargello kits that are appropriate for beginners & experienced stitchers alike. Included with each kit, you will

find everything you need to create your very own work of art! Stitching is a mindful activity which encourages a "being in the moment" mindset. By

following a pattern, bringing focus to colors, textures, stitches, & the

movement of your hands, it engages your attention & awareness. Stitching, when done in a mindful way, can bring a sense of calm, happiness, & peace.

The simple repetitive act of stitching & seeing the beautiful result of

your work increases overall well-being & confidence.

Crochet & Quilting patterns & kits are coming soon, too!


Wrapping Paper Sheets

These high-quality REVERSIBLE wrapping paper sheets feature hand-drawn (by Debby of Mindfulnice) coordinating patterns on each side. Gift-giving is a thoughtful, mindful activity that comes from the heart. It is an 

act of gratitude, compassion, and love. When you wrap your gift, mindfully consider the person to whom you are giving. It is a wonderful way to deepen connections and express caring energy.

More holidays & patterns are always being added!

wrapping paper-01 2.JPG

Mindful Living Products

Part of being mindful is understanding & having compassion for the world we live in. I am creating sustainable, reusable products using my hand-drawn surface patterns. Currently, I offer reusable organic cotton cloth towels and coordinating authentic Swedish dishcloths.  Each cloth will replace up to 17 paper towel rolls and can be washed and used again & again for approximately 6 months. They are biodegradable and compostable. Made in Sweden & printed in the USA.

Cleaning mindfully is a great way to bring mindfulness into your daily practice. Take your time, be fully present & aware, pay close attention to what you're doing & how you feel, without judgement. Notice the details you may not

have noticed before - such as the colors, shapes, & textures of your

dishes, furniture, & surfaces as you clean. Click here to learn more about Mindfulnice Swedish Dishcloths


Gemstone Jewelry

Each piece of Mindfulnice jewelry is unique & handmade with love especially for you, by me. Wear your unique piece mindfully & know that it is ready to accept your intention. Notice its colors, textures, & weight. Be mindfully aware
of how it feels (as well as how you feel) when you wear it. With this awareness, enjoy the many benefits of its healing energy. 
Visit my etsy shop or retail locations to see what is currently in stock,
or contact me ( for custom orders.
Descriptions of the gemstones are included with each piece.

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