Snakeskin Jasper is known as a "Stone of Grace". It helps its owner move more gracefully through life. It is an anti-anxiety stone & can assist in times of worry or conflict. It is also a protective, calming stone. It helps guard against negative attitudes & actions and helps bring productivity & abundance to our minds & bodies. Snakeskin Jasper protects against harmful or damaging temptations & brings peace of mind. It can assist dream recall & offer insight into difficult situations.

*Please note that the due to the unique variations in gemstones, your order may look slightly different than the one shown.

Snakeskin Jasper (Stone of Grace)

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  • Each piece of Mindfulnice jewelry is unique & handmade with love especially for you, in Pennsylvania, by me. Wear your unique piece mindfully and know that it is ready to accept your intention. Notice its colors, textures, and weight. Be mindfully aware of how it feels (as well as how you feel) when you wear it. With this awareness, enjoy the many benefits of its healing energy. Be mindful of this jewelry and limit its exposure to water. They are water-safe, but extended exposure to water can lessen the effectiveness of the gemstones & over time, may weaken the hand-knotted chains between the stones. 

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