Look on the bright side! Some days can feel a little dark, but these cards are here to help make things a little bit brighter for you & for everyone on your path. We each make thousands of choices everyday and those choices create our future. Allow the affirmations on these cards to help remind you that the choice is always yours! You are so powerful that in an instant, you have the ability to change your outlook (which can change your whole day) just by making a choice & you can always choose to look on the bright side! Knowing that you have a choice is also very powerful, but sometimes we need a reminder & that's ok! These cards are appropriate for all ages and can be used over & over again to help you live a mindfully nice life.

Look On The Bright Side Affirmation Cards

  • There are There are 30 cards included in this deck as well as 1 instruction card. An organza drawstring bag is included with purchase - perfect for storing your cards or for presenting this deck as a gift.

  • This item is shipped within 24 hours. If you are interested in ordering larger quanities, please contact me for discounted & wholesale pricing.

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