Due to the increased need to wear face masks in public, I have created these hand-crocheted beaded chains to hold your mask in an effort to help make face masks more comfortable, convenient, & accessible. Stop wondering where you put your mask. 
These chains have a small clasp on each side to attach to the ear loops of your face mask, so it is always with you. 
This is an important accessory to have because it helps to keep your face mask readily available as well as clean! It hangs around your neck when it’s not on your face - keeping it off of dirty surfaces & unclean hands! 
Please choose between clear, black, or a multi-color beaded chain (like the ones shown in the photos), but if you have other color preferences such as school colors, etc, please let me know. 
In order to keep costs down for this necessary accessory, I do not make these with the same authentic gemstones as my other jewelry.  If you would like to order a face mask chain with an authentic gemstone, no problem! Just send me a message at debby@mindfulnice.com and I will be happy to give you a quote!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Face Mask Chain


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