original art for a mindfully nice life

About Me

Debby Lightman Casher

Mindfulnice founder, artist, & educator

I have been an artist since childhood with 

a passion for creative & healing arts. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology with a specialty in Mindfulness Education and

an elementary education teaching certification. I am also a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness instructor.

By combining my love of art with my experience, education, and desire to help others, I am able to create products & lessons that inspire mindful living. 

By learning the tools to practice mindfulness regularly, an abundance of happiness, kindness, good health, & a focused attention to (& gratitude for) 

the present moment, is a result. My Mindfulnice products can help you achieve this. Through my art, my studies, and working closely with other people, I have learned that by being mindful of our universal energy, we can better

balance our lives & live life fully.

I feel it is my purpose & my passion to introduce and teach mindfulness to others through my art .

Please visit the pages of this site to find out why learning how to live mindfully is so important and how the Mindfulnice   collection of products can help you on your journey towards living a

mindfully nice life.