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An Intuitive Abstract Art Course

Hi! I'm Debby - the educator, artist, & owner of Mindfulnice
& I'll be your guide throughout my online course:

Mindscapes: Intuitive Abstract Art


I'd love for you to join me inside my newest offering  - a course centered on embracing the abstract, fostering trust in the creative process, and, above all, cultivating trust in yourself.

This course is a transformative journey through the fusion of art and introspection.

This course is appropriate for anyone & everyone! You do not have to be an artist to participate & absolutely NO art background is required.  You will, however, leave this course with your own incredible and very meaningful artwork

(and also a wonderful new mindfulness practice!)

This course isn't just about creating art; It's a special space where mindfulness and creativity converge, offering a gateway to inner peace and self-discovery.

Each line, each color, becomes a vessel for expression and exploration,

guiding you through the meditative depths of abstract art.

Join me in taking a step closer to finding peace & serenity within.

There is always a place of stillness within you.

Surrender to the flow as you embark on this journey of mindful artistry. 


Creating abstract art can be a meditative and mindful practice for several reasons.

First, it often lacks representational elements, allowing you to interpret and engage

with the artwork on a purely emotional & intuitive level. This open-endedness invites contemplation and introspection, fostering a sense of mindfulness as you immerse yourself in the visual experience without the constraints of

common narratives or recognizable forms.

Engaging in the act of creating abstract art can be a deeply immersive and therapeutic experience. The focus required with making art and choosing colors, shapes, and textures, combined with the freedom to express yourself without the confines of

realism, can induce a state of flow — a psychological state characterized by

complete mindful concentration.

Abstract art often relies on principles such as balance, harmony, and rhythm, which mirror the qualities cultivated in a mindfulness practice. By observing the interaction

of colors, shapes, and lines within an abstract composition, you can train your

attention to remain in the present moment, fostering a deeper connection

to your inner thoughts and emotions.

Abstract art has the power to evoke a wide range of feelings and sensations, from tranquility to excitement to intrigue. This emotional resonance can serve as a way to assist in self-reflection, encouraging you to explore your inner thoughts and

emotions, cultivating greater self-awareness, healing, compassion, and happiness.


In essence, abstract art can serve as a powerful tool for a mindfulness practice by providing a visually stimulating, yet contemplative, space for you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions in the present moment.

Creating abstract art encourages a deeper connection to yourself and the world

around you, fostering a sense of peace and clarity.

Be the first to know when my course launches this summer!

Thank you for your interest!

I'll be in touch soon.


Module 1: Introduction to Mindful Artistry 

I will introduce you to mindfulness and its relationship to abstract art.

You will learn and understand the profound connection between creativity and inner peace.

Module 2: Setting the Scene 

During this lesson, you will prepare your creative space and mind for the artistic experience ahead.

You will learn simple yet effective mindfulness techniques to ground yourself and create an

environment that is conducive for artistic expression.

Module 3: Finding Flow

Here, we will begin creating mindful art by discussing & practicing different ways to create and

how to do so mindfully. We will explore the concept of "flow" in artistic practice.

You will have a deeper understanding of how mindfulness can help you tap into your creative

flow state effortlessly, allowing your inner artist to thrive. 

Module 4: Embracing Imperfection

As you begin to create, challenging thoughts may creep in. You will learn how to release the

pressure of perfectionism and embrace the beauty of imperfection in your art.

You will learn how mindfulness can help you let go of expectations and judgments,

allowing & accepting things to be as they are, enabling your creativity to flow freely.

Module 5: The Art of Letting Go

During this module, you will have already begun creating your art. This lesson will be an extension into the liberating practice of letting go in art-making. You will learn how mindfulness can empower you

to surrender control and trust the intuitive process, leading to profound artistic breakthroughs

(and also, moments of awakening in your life).

Module 6: Cultivating Presence 

This lesson explores the role of mindfulness in cultivating deep awareness in your artistic practice.

You will discover how being fully present can enrich not only your creative experience,

but every life experience!

Module 7: Reflective Creation

 You will learn how to engage in mindful reflection as you observe and contemplate your artwork,

gaining insights into your creative process and personal growth. You will uncover emotions, thoughts,

and ideas throughout this healing process.

Module 8: Continuing The Journey 

In this final lesson, you will learn ways to continue your mindful art journey.

You will be provided with ways to reflect, express gratitude, and encouragement for your

continued exploration of mindfulness in all areas of life. You will gain a deeper understanding of how

and why creativity can be a wonderful addition to any mindfulness practice and also one of the many ways to

have a mindfully nice live.

This pre-recorded, self-paced course offers a transformative experience that blends mindfulness principles with abstract artistry, inviting you to tap into your innate creativity while cultivating inner peace and self-awareness.
*You will have lifetime access to this course.

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