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I'm so happy you're here &I hope you'll join me inside my new online course,
Mindscapes: Intuitive Abstract Art


Module 1: Introduction to Mindful Artistry 

I will introduce you to mindfulness and its relationship to abstract art.

You will learn and understand the profound connection between creativity and inner peace.

Module 2: Setting the Scene 

During this lesson, you will prepare your creative space and mind for the artistic experience ahead.

You will learn simple yet effective mindfulness techniques to ground yourself and create an

environment that is conducive for artistic expression.

Module 3: Finding Flow

Here, we will begin creating mindful art by discussing & practicing different ways to create and

how to do so mindfully. We will explore the concept of "flow" in artistic practice.

You will have a deeper understanding of how mindfulness can help you tap into your creative

flow state effortlessly, allowing your inner artist to thrive. 

Module 4: Embracing Imperfection

As you begin to create, challenging thoughts may creep in. You will learn how to release the

pressure of perfectionism and embrace the beauty of imperfection in your art.

You will learn how mindfulness can help you let go of expectations and judgments,

allowing & accepting things to be as they are, enabling your creativity to flow freely.

Module 5: The Art of Letting Go

During this module, you will have already begun creating your art. This lesson will be an extension into the liberating practice of letting go in art-making. You will learn how mindfulness can empower you

to surrender control and trust the intuitive process, leading to profound artistic breakthroughs

(and also, moments of awakening in your life).

Module 6: Cultivating Presence 

This lesson explores the role of mindfulness in cultivating deep awareness in your artistic practice.

You will discover how being fully present can enrich not only your creative experience,

but every life experience!

Module 7: Reflective Creation

 You will learn how to engage in mindful reflection as you observe and contemplate your artwork,

gaining insights into your creative process and personal growth. You will uncover emotions, thoughts,

and ideas throughout this healing process.

Module 8: Continuing The Journey 

In this final lesson, you will learn ways to continue your mindful art journey.

You will be provided with ways to reflect, express gratitude, and encouragement for your

continued exploration of mindfulness in all areas of life. You will gain a deeper understanding of how

and why creativity can be a wonderful addition to any mindfulness practice and also one of the many ways to

have a mindfully nice live.

join me!
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