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The 'Be Present' Gift Boxes by Mindfulnice are now available!
(but only for a limited time)

Be Present. Because YOU are a gift... This gift box is filled with Mindfulnice products intended to help you live a mindfully nice life filled with awareness, presence, & peace. Develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself & discover all the ways that you are a gift & what it truly means to 'be present'. 


The products in this gift box are exclusive to this box and can not be purchased separately. Please view the photos for details of the contents. Each box will include:

  • A high-quality Denik dot-journal featuring surface patterns by Mindfulnice.

  • "Reflect On This" deck of self-reflection cards & pocket mirror.

  • Relaxing lavender eye pillow, handmade (by me) using fabrics by Mindfulnice

  • Hand-poured natural coconut soy candle with candle-gazing meditation exercise

  • Mindful Mandalas coloring card set & colored pencils

  • A Mindfulnice greeting card to be used for a gratitude practice

  • A breathing exercise card

  • Worry flow-chart card & lesson

  • Authentic citrine gemstone (with description) for mindfulness

  • Mindfulnice stickers

  • My favorite micron drawing pen & a Be Present pencil

  • A gift enclosure for your personalized gift message

  • Instructions for use

  • & MORE!!

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